Where did all the fertilizer go?

Where did all the fertilizer go?

Top Gro Agro started May with a fairly full shed of fertilizer but hardly three weeks later…. POOF.. the crew is sweeping out the corners. The 2018 seeding season went extremely quick and smooth. We had more farms than ever take advantage of our storage option and not surprisingly our state-of-the-art blending system kept up very well. 

 On May 14th we experienced a power failure which exposed a faulty backup battery on a control board. We had it diagnosed and back blending in about 90 minutes. That day was still our biggest day with a very impressive 1,150,000 kg's served to farms despite the down time...

 Supply of fertilizer product became very tight in season. Luckily Top Gro Agro had most of what was needed here in storage. Particularly ESN and Phosphate supply was tight. Potash later became hard to fill as dealers scrambled to find trucking out of Saskatchewan.  

 The feedback on our fertilizer quality this spring has been very positive. We sample and inspect all the ingredients coming in and our suppliers have learned our expected standards. Detailed monitoring combined with a unique dust control process is all paying off. But, we would like to know what your experience was. Your feedback helps us choose our source of product for next season.

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