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Crop Nutrition - NPKS + Micros

A large part of what Top Gro Agro does is crop nutrition.

Each crop we grow here in the Lakeland has a unique demand for nutrition and is grown on a wide range of soil types and climatic conditions. We help producers identify the specific needs of their crops and soils. We consider on-farm economics, crop productivity, and fertilizer efficiency while also being vigilant of our environment. Top Gro Agro is able to offer extensive customization for crop nutrition to optimize crop nutrition every time.

Top Gro Agro’s team is trained to provide recommendations on nutrient sources, rates, timing and placement. You can also visit the Alberta Fertilizer Guide or visit for more information on crop nutrition.

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Nitrogen = Green + Growth

Our sources for N (Nitrogen):

Urea is a white granular product, also popularly called “forty six zero zero” (46-0-0), it supplies the major essential element nitrogen. Urea is the richest source of nitrogen among the common dry fertilizers. Urea contains 46% nitrogen (N), 0% phosphorus (P), 0% potassium (K) and only trace amounts of Sulphur (S). Top Gro’s urea is typically brought in from Fort Saskatchewan or Redwater, Alberta.

Urea treated with Agrotain is a urea that we applied nitrogen stabilizers onto at our facility here in Mallaig. AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer is the original, most research-proven urease inhibitor technology on the market. AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer reduces the activity of urease enzymes. By slowing this activity, the soil has the ability to resist changes in the pH in the immediate vicinity of the urea, resulting in a lower ammonia volatilization loss and an optimal crop yield potential.

ESN® SMART NITROGEN (green granules) is a urea granule comprised of 44% nitrogen, contained within a flexible polymer coating. This coating protects the nitrogen from loss mechanisms and releases nitrogen in response to soil temperature. ESN gives crops all the nitrogen they need, when they need it. ESN is made by Agrium and is produced in Carland, Alberta.

Foliar Nitrogen can be used as part of a fertility plan or as a response to deficiency as well as stress. As the biggest contributor to yield and protein it’s important to have an adequate supply of nitrogen. Foliar applications can help get nitrogen into crops that didn’t receive enough during seeding or require more due to the conditions or soil profile. There are many formulations containing nitrogen, a Top Gro Agro Crop inputs specialist can help determine which product is the best for your crop.

Phosphate = Root + Shoot

Our sources of P (Phosphorus):

MAP (Monoammonium phosphate) or 11-52-0 can be a brown, black and sometimes even a green granule. It is the most common phosphate fertilizers available in Alberta. MAP is used for seed row or band application on annual crops or with broadcast application on perennial forages blended with nitrogen fertilizers. For 2018 Top Gro is able to supply two MAP products, a brown product produced in Redwater and a black product from the USA.

Foliar Phosphorus can be used as part of a fertility plan or in response to a deficiency as well as stress. Phosphorus is an essential component in the formation of new cells, which is fundamental in root and shoot growth. In addition phosphorus in the form of phosphate is present in several key processes of photosynthesis and carbohydrate transport. Some crops such as corn require fertilizer banding, which due to placement puts plants at a temporary deficiency during early plant development. In other situations low organic matter or high clay content in soil can reduce phosphorus availability. Foliar applications can help address the shortfalls that may potentially arise with phosphorus which is placed or is already in the soil. There are many products which contain phosphorus, a Top Gro Agro inputs specialist can help determine what is best for you.

Potassium = Overall health

Our sources of K (Potassium):

Muriate of potash aka “Potash” or “0-0-60” is usually a red granular product but can also be white. It is the most commonly used potassium fertilizer in Alberta. Each granule is 60% Soluble Potash (K2O). Potash deposits occur in beds of sediments in only a few locations around the world, the largest is located in Saskatchewan.

Foliar Potassium can be used as part of a fertility plan or in response to deficiency as well as stress. Potassium is important for mobilization of water and sugars within a plant and is also a major factor in stem strength and disease resistance. Many growers discount this value at the time of seeding and end up leaving profit on the table by under applying or eliminating potassium from their in crop fertilizer. In some cases cool spring conditions can leave even adequately applied potassium unable to be extracted from soil which is foliar applications really shine. There are many formulations containing potassium, a Top Gro Agro inputs specialist can help you determine which product is the best for your needs.

Sulphate = Green + Grow

Our sources of S (Sulphur):

Granular Sulphate (Ammonium Sulphate) is produced by Agrium at its plant in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. It is a white granular product similar colour and shape to Urea. It is also sometimes called 20.5 or Sulphur. It supplies both the essential elements nitrogen (20.5%) and sulfur (24%). Top Gro Agro typically sources their Granular Sulphate from Agrium’s facility in Redwater, Alberta.

Super Sulphate (Ammonium Sulphate) is produced by Sherritt International at its plant in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Its opaque color distinguishes it from Urea and other sulphate products. It also supplies both the essential elements nitrogen (21%) and sulfur (24%).

Our sources of Micronutrients:

Granular Copper is the most convenient way of addressing a Copper deficiency. If you are already applying granular fertilizer you won’t even notice a difference in application as it can easily be added to any blend. Top Gro Agro carries a form of copper that steadily adds to its levels in the soil. Available in bulk, our Copper takes no additional time to blend and is very economical. Granular copper is best applied as part of a long term plan for minimalizing deficiencies. A long term plan is best applied with a Top Gro Agro crop inputs specialist.

Foliar Micronutrients are easily justifiable as they usually packaged with macronutrients such as phosphate. As part of a short term solution Top Gro Agro offers an extensive line of foliar products which can correct Boron, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Molybdenum and many more deficiencies which keep you from achieving optimal yield. Micronutrients are becoming more and more important as we better understand the deficiencies which are robbing yield, a crop inputs specialist from Top Gro Agro can help you find the best product to treat your micronutrient deficiencies.

Micronutrient coatings can also be added to regular dry fertilizer to improve its performance as well as correct deficiencies such as copper. Top Gro Agro is on the cutting edge of applying treatments to bulk fertilizer by utilizing our state of the art blending and control systems. Expected in the 2019 growing season, Top Gro Agro will be capable of accurately applying treatments to any volume of bulk fertilizer with no extra blending time.