Q: Who owns Top Gro Agro LTD?

A: William (Bill) and Karen Machura from Vilna, Alberta, Canada.

Q: How long has Top Gro Agro Ltd been in business?

A: In 2011, the Machura family purchased W. Dechaine Enterprises (1967) from Leon and Laurier. The new business operated as Dechaine Enterprises 2011. In October 2015 after Leon's retirement, the business renamed to Top Gro Agro Ltd.

Q: Does Top Gro have any other locations?

A: There is only one Top Gro Agro Ltd, located in Mallaig, Alberta, Canada.

Q: Is there a risk of fire or explosion with your fertilizer?

A: No, we sell and store bulk Urea, Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP), Potash and Sulphate. None of these products are flammable or explosive.

Q: When did Top Gro Agro build their new facility?

A: Construction began in June of 2013. We moved into the new state-of the art digs in the fall of 2014.

Q: How much fertilizer can your huge shed store?

A: Our fertilizer storage shed is currently setup to store about 15,000,000kg (15,000MT) of product. We have the flexibility in the future to re-configure the layout to then store nearly 20,000,000kg (20,000 MT).

Q: How big are the hopper bottom blending bins?

A: Our hopper bottom blending bins have a 16' diameter, stand 50' tall and each of the 9 large bins can store about 215 MT of fertilizer depending on the product.

Q: Does Top Gro Agro dispatch their own floaters or do they sublet to third party?

A: We own and dispatch three floater trucks along with a large tender truck fleet.

Q: How Fast can the system make blends?

A: The blend auger and outload bucket elevator are designed to blend 300 MT/hour. It takes approximately 3 minutes to blend 12 MT (tandem truck) and 13 minutes to blend 44 MT (super-B) depending on how many ingredients are used in the blend.

Q: Do you sell fines?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Does Top Gro Agro sell Anhydrous Ammonia?

A: No.

Q: Can i Prepay for my fertilizer in the fall and pick it up the following spring?

A: Yes, Top Gro Agro has an excellent storage program. Talk to the TGA team for more details.